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What makes our airsoft videos unique is our attitude. Our biggest goal is to have fun and we want that to show in our videos. While many other airsoft YouTube channels are dedicated to the serious and militaristic side of airsoft, we try to show off the relaxed side. We feel that this helps us appeal to people who are more casually interested in airsoft. We also feel that showing the casual side of airsoft will encourage people who would not normally be interested to try playing. We do participate in some more serious airsoft events, such as multi day milsims (military simulations), but we still try to insert funny moments from on and off the field into our videos of these events.

Press Kit


We are always looking for things to review! If you or your company produces airsoft equipment or supplies then we would love to hear from you.

Location Promotion

We love to learn about new airsoft fields and we love telling people about them too! If you run an airsoft field, or really any airsoft related location, then we are interested in working with you.


One of the best ways to grow a YouTube channel is to work together with other creators. If you make videos and want to work with us then we would like to hear from you.

Product Placement

This generally goes hand in hand with reviews. If we like your product then we would be willing to discuss featuring it in our videos.